Let’s learn together! Class Exchange in Klaipeda

On the 9 – 13th of April, the first Nordplus (NordPlus Framework Programme) for Nordic and Baltic cooperation in education Nordplus Junior program “Let’s learn together!” project mobility was held in “Edukateka”. It involved project partners form Norway and Latvia. The guests were acquainted with the PI “Edukateka”, its activities as well as introduced their educational institutions. During this mobility, guests got acquainted with the history and culture of Klaipeda and Lithuania, took part in lessons, creative workshops, during which they deepened their knowledge about cultural values, linguistic diversity and similarities of the country. As the goals of the project relate to the solution to the problem of contemporary life – the quality of teens’ leisure time and the motivation to participate in it, many of the learning activities were related to the meaningful leisure activities. Guests were acquainted with the Lithuanian youth culture, adolescent leisure forms, worked in mixed groups creating promotional films and posters that encourage young people to think about meaningful leisure and opportunities to spend it actively and meaningfully.

Teachers were learning this week too. They had the opportunity to share their best practices discussing about the most effective teaching methods, educational environments and students’ leisure time forms.

This week in Klaipeda proved that there are really interesting and meaningful ways of spending leisure time!

Project activities in Klaipeda are over, but the project continues. We are waiting for learning activities in Latvia (Alsunga) soon.

Nordplus Junior is managed by the International Programs Office (IPO) in Sweden.