About Engerdal

A true nature-paradise Engerdal is home to pristine glacial lakes, virgin forests and ancient hills. We in Engerdal welcome all who wish to share the beauty, the calm and the drama of nature with us.  Engerdal is one of the few municipalities in Norway that is a designated National Park Municipality. A nature-wonderland Engerdal offers year round outdoor activities for the nature enthusiast. Home to three large lakes including Norway’s third largest lake, Femund, and with scores of rivers and tarns – the waters in Engerdal teem with trout, pike, perch and grayling. Norway’s southernmost population of the Sami people reside in Engerdal and still practice reindeer herding so be prepared to come across the occasional herd of wild reindeer grazing by the roadside. The Femundsmarka National Park is also part of Engerdal Municipality.
Engerdal is a safe and nurturing place to grow up. We have a central school at Engerdalssetra and schools in the hamlets of Sømådal. We also have two kindergardens which serve all pre-school children throughout the municipality.
Commerce: Agriculture, forestry and tourism are important
industries. As the world discovers all that Engerdal has to offer the building of mountain cabins and holiday resorts has also become a fast-developing industry.
Culture: The Culture School located at Engerdalsaetra is the centre of cultural activities for young and old alike. Several voluntary societies and organisations also offer a wide-range of cultural programmes and arrangements throughout the year.
Sports and Outdoors : Engerdal is the ideal place for anyone who enjoys sport and the physicality of the great outdoors. We are a prime ski destination with over ? kms. of cross country ski-tracks. During spring and summer Engerdal offers angling, canoeing, trekking, horse riding and camping opportunities. Hunting is a popular sport in the autumn.
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